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Documents related to » all ap transactions entered on line

EAI Vendor Active Software Activates Transactions
Active Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise application integration software products, today announced the ActiveWorks™ Application Transaction Coordinator (ATC) to ensure the transactional integrity of end-to end business processes across systems, both within and outside the corporate firewall.

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: organizations can ensure that all business processes complete successfully, enabling customers to trust their most critical data to eBusiness integration. Active Software s ATC is already in use at multiple customer sites within the telecommunications, financial services, and high technology industries where transaction integrity is a critical issue. As a leading provider of Internet-based procurement systems, we have to be able to process hundreds of thousands of transactions very quickly while

IBM PC Line Redrawn
IBM has decided to combine its entire desktop PC line under one name. The NetVista brand, until last week the name for IBM’s thin clients and appliance desktops, will now cover the whole range, including newly-released models for home and business.

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: The X series of all-in-one PCs (NetVista X40 and X40i models) The S series of legacy-free PCs (NetVista S40 and S40p models) The N series of thin clients (NetVista N2200 and N2800 models) The A series of mainstream PCs for businesses/large enterprises (NetVista A20, A40 and A40p models) The A series of mainstream PCs for small businesses (NetVista A20m models) The A series of mainstream PCs for individuals (NetVista A20i and A40i models) Market Impact This is a continuation of the

IBM Updates the Netfinity Line
IBM finally seems to have gotten the message of “smaller is better” when it comes to rackmount servers with the introduction of three new models to its Netfinity line of Intel-based servers

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: many who can use all three models in multiple locations within their business. Despite the PR information talking about the 6000R being used for database and ERP applications, these servers should not be aimed at the back office of very large data centers - they are not beefy enough to handle something like a large Oracle 8i database. Very large data centers are better suited to the Unix market, where IBM s RS/6000 series is putting out some serious performance figures. (IBM will also try to sell you

IBM Server Line Redrawn
IBM has continued its renaming binge, moving from PCs to servers.

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: entire eServer product set All servers will be Linux enabled The eServer product line will be separated into four series: zSeries - mainframes (although IBM no longer uses that term, apparently) pSeries - UNIX-based iSeries - mid-market xSeries - Intel-based Market Impact On the surface, this looks like the standard product line revamping/renaming that almost every company goes through from time to time. There were really no earth-shattering new products nor special features (with the possible exception

All American Pharmaceutical

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: All American Pharmaceutical All American Pharmaceutical Source: ProcessPro Software Document Type: Case Study Description: . All American Pharmaceutical style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Source: ProcessPro Software Learn more about ProcessPro Software Readers who downloaded this case study also read these popular documents! Best Practices for ERP Implementation The Importance of Data Representation: Best Practices in Creating a Usable Report TEC 2013 ERP Buyer s Guide for
6/6/2012 9:25:00 AM

Merant Goes South on the Stock Market
Another vendor has stated that growth and license revenues in the mainframe arena are softer than expected. Shares of Merant (NASDAQ: MRNT), the provider of PVCS, a major software configuration management product (acquired from Intersolv), in addition to other software, have dropped more than 24 percent after the company released preliminary financial estimates for its first fiscal quarter recently-ended, showing revenues likely will be about 17 percent less than the previous year due to a decline in COBOL license fees.

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: said in a teleconference call and statement. Pre-tax losses for the quarter ended July 31 are estimated to be in the range of $8.5 million to $9.5 million excluding goodwill amortization. The above pre-tax loss range also is estimated before a goodwill charge of roughly $3.3 million. COBOL license fees worldwide have declined significantly below expectations and our forecast, said Merant President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Greenfield. He also stated that Merant had originally expected

Company Makes Good On B2B Collaboration
Logility recently announced financial results for the third quarter ended January 31, 2000 and seemingly escaped the market turmoil that pummeled other enterprise applications vendors.

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: task in lieu of all the hype surrounding these exchanges. User Recommendations Users with relatively uncomplicated business processes in the process manufacturing industries, such as food & beverage, chemicals, and other consumer goods should place Logility on their shortlists. Also, third-party logistics companies should find benefits in Logility s transportation and warehousing products, especially when coupled with expertise of new partner, Tompkins & Associates. Users with very particular business

Great Plains on a Shopping Spree
On January 6, in an effort to expand its customer base and reseller partner channel Great Plains, a provider of financial management software for midsize businesses, announced it plans to acquire RealWorld Corp., a developer of accounting and business solutions. In a separate move, Great Plains also unveiled plans to acquire Fixed Asset Management LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Forestar Group to gain the rights to Forestar's Fixed Asset Management product, which allows a company to record, track, depreciate, and analyze its fixed assets.

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: Asset Management product, which allows a company to record, track, depreciate, and analyze its fixed assets. Great Plains has been marketing the product through an original equipment manufacturer agreement since 1997. Under the terms of yesterday s deal, it will issue 104,000 shares of stock and an additional $900,000 in cash. Great Plains CFO Tami Reller said buying the company would give the vendor greater control of the future of the product. These deals continue a buying spree for Great Plains,

ChemicalsWorld.com Debuts On The Web
ChemicalsWorld.com, a new Internet marketplace offering value-added services for users in the chemicals industry makes its debut.

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: services, which aspire to allow subscribers to optimize interactions with trading partners to improve forecast accuracy, optimize inventory deployment, and track orders and shipments. Part of the difficulty lies in the novelty of performing mission critical activities over the web and the hype surrounding the benefits that can be achieved. Market Impact The scope and ambition of ChemicalsWorld eclipses that of ProcessCity.com, Aspen Technology s venture for the process industry launched just three months

J. D. Edwards FOCUSes on Active Supply Chain
With co-founder McVaney once again at the helm, J. D. Edwards flexed its new supply chain management capabilities at FOCUS 2000 in Denver.

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: login capabilities and administer all the collaboration technology they need. Messaging is provided by DOMA (Distributed Object Messaging Architecture), a final gem from the Numetrix development shop. A proprietary architecture, DOMA operates only within ASC and integration of ASC with the rest of OneWorld is accomplished via XML through IBM s Websphere. The new order promising capabilities are based on features from Numetrix s planning applications, extracted into a form that is accessible from anywhere

Security Begins on Your Desktop
The documents, spreadsheets, databases and other files on the personal computers used to conduct business are corporate assets. It cost money to create them and that investment should be protected. Additionally, companies have both competitive and legal obligations to assure that such data is kept private and secure. Many companies and most people are unaware of the obligation and potential threats.

ALL AP TRANSACTIONS ENTERED ON LINE: on data, and not all of it is in the repositories that are managed directly by the information technology departments. Studies have shown that less than 20% of the data used to run a company resides in its mainframe systems. Older studies showed that more than 50% resided in unstructured formats in file cabinets and the remainder was stored in personal files. Today, the personal computer has assumed the role of personal and even work group file cabinet. However, it has not assumed its privacy, security,

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