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How Effective Project Management Leadership Enabled the Logistics Industry to Reap Large Rewards, Part 2
Emerging Trends in the Logistics and Distribution Knowledge Areas1. RFIDRFID technology is the hardware used to communicate information (typically bar code

alternative batch assignment  American market are providing alternative solutions. If you would like to read more about the topics discussed here such as RFID and Supply Chain Optimization then I would suggest to go to www.technolologyevaluation.com , where in the vendor showcase you can read about the vendor solutions in this knowledge area and obtain white papers and RFP Templates to assist your organization in evaluating the criteria in this area. Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » alternative batch assignment

SAP for Chemicals Functionality
SAP has been delivering on its chemicals industry strategy by expanding its capabilities for manufacturing and supply chain management, broadening its composite

alternative batch assignment  the business requires an alternative to current product packaging combinations. Recipe management is also included, for developing, perfecting, and protecting franchise products, their potential successors, and the failed prototypes that preceded them. Inspecting the details of some of modules, we were pleased with the depth of functionality. For instance, the SAP Procurement suite supports a swath of procurement processes for materials (including those in the pipelines) and external services via Read More
Managing Process Manufacturing Using Microsoft Dynamics AX
Some firms rely on out-of-the box functionality to help reduce risk, minimize custom development, and increase predictability of successful implementation usage

alternative batch assignment  an item number, although alternative identifiers may be used for supporting sales, purchasing, and intercompany orders. Other item information includes the following: • Unique identifier based on the item number and variant code(s), such as color and size • Authorized units of measure for sales and purchasing purposes •  Designation of catch weight items and their units of measure (for weight and pieces), and the policies for pricing and inventory tracking •  Designation of bulk items and the Read More
Case Study: Phoenix Logistics, Inc.
In previous years, Arizona (US)-based aerospace manufacturer Phoenix Logistics, Inc. managed its low-volume, batch-manufacturing process with non-integrated

alternative batch assignment  Plex Systems,Phoenix Logistics,accounting,erp,document management,accounting software,software accounting,document management software,accounting management,erp software,erp system,small business accounting,document management system,order management software,regulatory compliance Read More
Performance Management Framework for Mobile Workforce Management and Field Service
Mobile workforce management is a complex process that includes workforce planning, assignment decisions, and plan execution. To align this complex process with

alternative batch assignment  mobile workforce management,field service scheduling,field service optimization,services organizations,workforce sheduling optimization,ViryaNET,performance monitoring,performance management Read More
MAPICS: Will Customer Satisfaction be Enough?
MAPICS has consistently scored above average in the following customer-service & support benchmarks: reliability, quality of support, vendor stability, ease of

alternative batch assignment  Will Customer Satisfaction be Enough? Vendor Summary MAPICS, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a leading global provider of enterprise business software for mid-size discrete and batch-process manufacturing enterprises and large corporate divisions. MAPICS revenues in fiscal 1998 were $130 million. IBM launched MAPICS II (Manufacturing Accounting and Production Information Control System) software in 1978. It was the first MRP system commercially available for manufacturing enterprises and Read More
The Five Keys to World-class Distribution
When looking at extended enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), or customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, some companies

alternative batch assignment  , Distribution Alliance , Alternative Distribution , Distribution Openoffice , Distribution Tables , Active Distribution , Distribution Embedded Power . Executive overview What does it mean to be a world-class competitor? It means being successful in your chosen market against any competition—regardless of size, country of origin or resources. It means matching or exceeding any competitor on customer service, quality, fexibility and innovation. It means picking your battles—competing where and when Read More
Here Come the
The hot products at Comdex 99 are expected to be in the up-and-coming area of

alternative batch assignment  to find a lower-cost alternative to the standard PC. In addition to lower pricing, information appliances are being marketed as lower cost of maintenance, especially with respect to network/system administration. As with any new market, there will be a period of diversification before the inevitable consolidation. We expect this consolidation will start in 12-18 months. In the meantime, most or all of the leading vendors (as well as smaller vendors and startups) will try to jump on the bandwagon. User Read More
SAP ERP: Process Manufacturing (ERP) Competitor Analysis Report
The process enterprise resource planning (ERP) knowledge base anticipates as many factors as possible to assist businesses in the process manufacturing field

alternative batch assignment  ERP: Process Manufacturing (ERP) Competitor Analysis Report The process enterprise resource planning (ERP) knowledge base anticipates as many factors as possible to assist businesses in the process manufacturing field, which typically involves mixing, separating, forming, or performing chemical reactions (for example, paint manufacturers or refineries). The knowledge base includes criteria for determining batch control and reporting, formula and routing, and material management capabilities. It also Read More
SaaSy Discussions (Part Ia)
Part I of this blog post introduced the common software deployment models and Consona CRM's approach in that regard. To the end of enabling Total Customer

alternative batch assignment   Read More
Process ERP vs. Discrete ERP Differentiation
People often ask us

alternative batch assignment  ERP vs. Discrete ERP Differentiation People often ask us what's the difference between process and discrete ERP? We model both systems in such a way that they share many common components, nevertheless process manufacturing industries have unique requirements that differ from discrete manufacturing industries. Here's a rough overview of the difference. A quick definition from APICS (The Association for Operations Management) describes discrete manufacturing as The production of distinct items Read More
Co-sourcing Helps Companies to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies
In the ever-changing economy, organizations looking to cut costs and drive innovation are turning to co-sourcing as a cost-effective and less risky alternative

alternative batch assignment  model as a cost-effective alternative - one that is less risky than outsourcing or offshoring. Source: Allied Worldwide Resources Related to Co-sourcing Helps Companies to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies : Co-sourcing (Wikipedia) Co-sourcing Helps Companies to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies Co Sourcing is also known as : Partial Outsourcing , Co-sourcing Solutions , Outsourcing of Services , Alternative to Outsourcing , Introduction to Co-sourcing , IT Management Outsourcing , Co-sourcing Read More
Sky, FieldOne's field service solution, supports interactive scheduling with optimization capabilities, resource and route planning, work order management

alternative batch assignment  Field Service Management ,FSM Read More
Task Management with Multistage Tracking
One of the biggest challenges a project manager faces is the difficulty of tracking project progress once a project has been started. It can be difficult to

alternative batch assignment  advance task manager,advanced task manager,best task management,best task manager,best task manager software,daily task management,issue management software,free task management software Read More
Job Scheduling Maze in Distributed IT Landscapes - Part 1
We certainly learn new things every day, and sometimes out of pure serendipity. Namely, when I was recently asked by one of my industry contacts (working for a

alternative batch assignment  system administrators a scripting alternative to managing systems and developing workflow scripts.  Over 100,000 XLNT licenses are currently in use around the world. Enter ActiveBatch In 1998, XLNT users needed a batch system to automate and run their XLNT scripts on a schedule. ASCI thus introduced Batch Queue Management System (BQMS) to assist XLNT users to automate their scripts on and across Windows servers.  In 2000, BQMS was renamed and re-introduced as ActiveBatch V3 , a heterogeneous job Read More
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