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FRx Poised to Permeate Many More General Ledgers Part Two: Market Impact
Since FRx already has integrations built to over forty leading general ledgers (and now a scalable tool kit available to accommodate virtually all others), the

automatic account number generation  to schedule reports for automatic generation and distribution; FRx WebView , which allows users to publish, store and manage FRx reports over the Web; FRx WebPort , which offers publishing non-FRx reports, such as Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents to the Web; and FRx instant!OLAP , which generates Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP cubes as an additional method of exporting data from FRx. Last but not least, the product offers currency translation as an add-on compon Read More
Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems help sales and marketing teams with functions related to taking orders, generating proposals or quotes, managing territories, managing partners, and maintaining...
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Documents related to » automatic account number generation

ERP Selection Facts and Figures Case Study - Part 2: Qualitative Assessments and Analysis
This is part two of a note describing an opportunity TEC had to evaluate and compare the four top ERP vendors for a client. Each vendor’s offering differed in

automatic account number generation  integration with FEDEX enables automatic generation of FEDEX tracking numbers. Disadvantages : Out of the box scorecard and dashboard functionality is very limited. Overall : SAP is more functionally robust than any other vendor. The company has native PDM, CRM and APS. Analysis  Figure 9 indicates how the vendors compare relative to two factors, Business Scenarios (product functionality) and Flexibility. Note that the size of the dot indicates the vendors' rank in the overall model such that larger dots Read More
Product Configurators Pave the Way for Mass Customization
'Mass customization' is the buzzword of the current decade. Customers demand products with lower prices, higher quality and faster delivery; yet they also want

automatic account number generation  Medium Low Can perform automatic search for multiple possible solutions Rules for complex products are hard coded Cannot backtrack. If constraints are not satisfied at end, human interaction is required Development efforts in terms of its reusability Configuration engine reusable Interference engine reusable Not reusable Able to support different products Able to support different products Need to be written for each product Modeling efforts Low High N/A Models reflect product constraints involving engine Read More
Plex Systems at a Crossroads: Part 2
At the beginning of June, I attended the PowerPlex 2013 conference, Plex System’s 12th annual user conference, in Columbus, Ohio, where the focus was on the

automatic account number generation  one-year subscription contracts with automatic renewals and success-based pricing (which many cloud vendors tout as a possibility, but very few practice). The U.S. expansion, additional revenues from education and other services in the future, and success-based pricing are good enough growth engines for the time being. Currently, Plex has nearly 20 sales employees in the Midwest, and plans to expand into other regions. For now, there are no resellers, but rather implementation and referral partners (about Read More
Drug Pedigree Guidelines and How Software Can Help
Drug manufacturers and retailers are tightening their data collection and reporting processes to meet new US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) guidelines

automatic account number generation  global standard for real-time, automatic identification. The next 12 digits make up a sequential number, and the 18th digit is typically a check digit. In situations where both parties are using EDI, the ID can be included with the advance ship notice (ASN). Otherwise, an external file containing the same ID must be used to transmit the information. As the cases are received by the distributor, the label is scanned, and the unique pedigree ID is compared with the ID contained in the ASN. Mismatches may si Read More
Learning Management Systems: Development Strategies for the Next Generation
Stand-alone learning management systems (LMS) often lack scalability, reliability, and secure access—and the interfaces to offer these features. But new

automatic account number generation  Lionbridge Technologies,content management system Read More
The Next Generation of Overall Equipment Efficiency
In asset-intensive industries, the need for an overall equipment efficiency (OEE) system is driven by the need to capture real-time information. When equipment

automatic account number generation  equipment operation data is automatically collected and refined by the operator, the quality and quantity of data, and the ability to access and analyze it in a specific manner can greatly help to reduce costs and maximize productivity. Read More
Mobility Management for Next-generation Networks
This paper highlights potential approaches for bringing together mobility technologies, and examines how these approaches contribute to resolving operator

automatic account number generation  mobility technology,inter-technology mobility,mobility management,service continuity Read More
Proteus: IP Address Management Built Right
Organizations deploying next-generation business and communications applications are looking for ways to rapidly increase the use of existing Internet and core

automatic account number generation   Read More
Dyer Engineering Replaces Existing Solution with Epicor ERP
Dyer Engineering, a UK-based sub-contract fabrication and specialist engineering company, has apparently selected the Epicor next-generation enterprise

automatic account number generation   Read More
The Advantages of Row- and Rack-oriented Cooling Architectures for Data Centers
The traditional room-oriented approach to data center cooling has limitations in next-generation data centers. Next-generation data centers must adapt to

automatic account number generation  appears that this architecture automatically requires more CRAC units than a room-oriented architecture, this is not necessarily true, particularly at higher power density. This will be described later. Rack-oriented architecture In rack-oriented architecture, the CRAC units are associated with a rack and are assumed to be dedicated to a rack for design purposes. The CRAC units are directly mounted to or within the IT racks. Compared with the room-oriented or row-oriented architecture, the rack-oriented Read More
Billing Foundations for Successful Next-generation Service Strategies
Dramatic progress in communication and media industries are pushing service providers to seek new differentiation strategies. Next-generation services can play

automatic account number generation   Read More
Best Practices for Next-generation IP Address Management
Effective IP management requires proper allocation of address space for adequate address capacity as needed, as well as accurate configuration of DHCP and DNS

automatic account number generation   Read More
ISL Trunking: Automatic Traffic Management at the Heart of the SAN
Permanent node-to-node data paths through a service area network (SAN) fabric are surprisingly inefficient. Some interswitch links (ISLs) become oversubscribed,

automatic account number generation  Trunking: Automatic Traffic Management at the Heart of the SAN Permanent node-to-node data paths through a service area network (SAN) fabric are surprisingly inefficient. Some interswitch links (ISLs) become oversubscribed, while others are underused, and don’t allow you to maximize the function of your existing switch investments. Unclog your SAN’s data paths—and increase reliability and availability, as well as your return on investment. Read More

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