Software Functionality Revealed in Detail
We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.
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 define dynamically continuous innovation

Ramco Ships Technology And Products. Is This The Future Of Enterprise Applications?
Ramco Systems announced the delivery of Ramco Enterprise Series Release 4.0, the newest version of its enterprise software solutions plus a custom application

define dynamically continuous innovation  and design tools to define the business requirements specifications. These are available to Ramco over the Internet and converted into terms understood by the VirtualWorks Requirements Workbench , with the idea to likely later reuse the produced components. The other VirtualWorks Workbenches generate the database schemas, user interfaces, and process flow control software. Finally, the resulting software components would then be made available to the partner for onsite testing and implementation. Ramco an

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Visit the TEC store to compare leading software by functionality, so that you can make accurate and informed software purchasing decisions.

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ERP for Mill-based and Material Converting Environments

The ERP for Mill-based and Material Converting Environments knowledge base focuses on a range of industrial activities that add value to raw materials by processing them into a form suitable for further manufacturing or for immediate end-use. These activities include traditional mills that turn grain into flour or extract sucrose from sugar cane; the spinning and weaving mills of the textiles and carpets sectors; the rolling plants of steel, aluminum, and other metals semi-fabricators; to the continuous outputs of paper and board mills. 

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Configurability Strategy: A Competitive Advantage

To gain a competitive advantage, manufacturing companies that sell complex products are implementing a configurability strategy that provides more options using fewer resources. Learn about the two interrelated phases of a configurability strategy: developing the product—which emphasizes the essential functionality of a product configurator—and executing the lead-to-order (LTO) process in a lean manufacturing environment.

define dynamically continuous innovation  product models that completely define the range of variations and options of a product, without the need to predefine all possible combinations with unique part numbers and bills of material (BOMs), and with a minimum of data entry. A robust product configurator is one that automatically and seamlessly facilitates all configuration needs ' sales, engineering and manufacturing ' across the entire spectrum of To-Order products. Once developed, the configurable product model enables all users ' customers, Read More

Adopting Service-oriented Architecture Increases the Flexibility of Your Enterprise

Time was, information technology (IT) systems lasted much longer. Organizational restructuring was uncommon, as business did not really require it. However, with ever-shrinking business cycles, IT must now be capable of quickly adapting to changing business needs. That’s why present-day IT systems must be built to change—and services-oriented architecture (SOA) may just hold the key.

define dynamically continuous innovation  this issue. Processes: Processes define how architecture content is planned, developed, ratified and communicated, maintained and complied with by projects. SOA governance processes manage technology that aligns it with the business goals, adopted in the IT Strategy. These processes enable the architecture team to integrate with other enterprise processes such as project funding and portfolio management to enable effective decision-making. Policies and Principles: The policies and principles define guidel Read More

Lombardi Software Teamworks 7.0 for Business Process Management Certification Report

Lombardi Software's business process management (BPM) system, Teamworks 7.0, is now TEC Certified. The certification seal is a valuable indicator for organizations who rely on the integrity of TEC’s research services for assistance with their software selection projects. Download this 28-page TEC report for product highlights, competitive analysis, product analysis, and in-depth analyst commentary.

define dynamically continuous innovation  external user directory, or define its own roles and users. Data access: Data access control is associated with roles and users with different access-right options (e.g., create, modify, view) Audit trails: The system provides audit trails in fine granularity—audit trails are captured for workflow events, user inputs on forms, escalation actions, notifications, etc. In addition, Teamworks also provides audit trails for business data values. Real-time controls: Real-time control gives managers the abilit Read More

Meet the New (Revolutionized) Progress Software

According to TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic, some solid, growing, and profitable software companies never get the respect they deserve. Progress Software is one such company. Its OpenEdge platform is now fully enabled for business process management and for the cloud, and it has a winning team of acquisitions. Has Progress finally found the right balance of revenue streams and diversification to be more than the sum of its parts?

define dynamically continuous innovation  allow business users to define their business processes based on best-in-class industry practices. While I’ve been aware of Progress’ expertise and accompanying solution accelerators for the financial industry and telecommunications, the novelty for me was the company’s nascent involvement in harnessing RPM to avoid blind spots in supply chains via responsive supply chain execution (SCE). Bob Ferrari’s breakout session at Progress Revolution 2011 talked about modern supply chains being all about i Read More

Parametric Technology Corporation's Bold Vision Drives Growth and Innovation

Cooperative markets and clever strategies controlling internal developments and guiding marketing may help Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) reach revenues of $1 billion (USD) by 2008. However, more impressive is this may make PTC an innovator in product lifecycle management.

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OneDesk Inc. provides products that help companies realize the benefits of social product development, co-creation, and customer-driven innovation. Its blended suite of cloud-based applications incorporates tools including customer feedback management, innovation and ideas management, customer service and help desk, requirements management, project management, release management, and issue tracking. 

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Driving Innovation for Transformation

Most business pundits are hailing mobility and Enterprise Mobile Applications (EMAs) as the catalyst in the next wave of business transformation. While collaborative EMAs from third-party providers can offer incremental improvements in your business, it is still not transformational. To achieve the full potential of mobility, you must evolve your IT development process into one based on innovation and user insights. Find out how.

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Integrated Innovation in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

As one of the very early adopters of Microsoft products and technologies, Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to use Microsoft products and technologies to help customers increase productivity, collaboration, and business insight. Instead of wasting valuable resources on integration, partners can focus on adding more customers and developing solutions that help small and medium businesses around the world achieve business success.

define dynamically continuous innovation  Smart Tags functionality provides predefined information such as a name or an address and is recognized in Microsoft Office applications and more detailed information from Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be added. Integration with Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint helps employees access the information they need to do their job Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Notification Services enable organizations to increase productivity by providing their customers and employees with the information they need when Read More

Growing Food and Beverage Businesses: Innovation to Maximize Market Opportunities

Global demand for food and beverages continues to rise, and the market will pay a premium for partially prepared healthier choices. Food and beverage manufacturers with innovative solutions for these niche markets are in a position to gain brand dominance, resulting in higher revenues, profits, and market share. Discover tactical and strategic innovative practices that can help support changes in your business processes.

define dynamically continuous innovation  partners, and customers to define products, develop products and packaging, determine costs, source materials and suppliers, and manage production ramp-up Applied process engineering specifications to product definitions, formulation processes, and production equipment instructions for greater product consistency, production optimization, and product safety Finite scheduling in processing plants to optimize line capacities and resources for increased throughput, higher yields, and lower stock inventory Read More

Integrated Innovation: Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office

Having the right information in the right place at the right time is critical to the success of any business, but it can be difficult to achieve if you’re not using the right software tools. Together, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office form a tool that connects information with people—as well as with the processes organizations use every day.

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Discovering and Creating Value in Procurement through Continuous Assessment and Innovation

Improvement is not simply an idea: it is a process. And processes without frameworks are recipes for underachievement, or worse, chaos. For this reason, value leakages in procurement functions must be resolved in a systematic, progressive, incremental, and formalized manner.

define dynamically continuous innovation  team with a clearly defined governance mechanism, in order to determine areas to work on. Also needing to be considered is the percentage of team time being spent, particularly in the case of a highly decentralized procurement function being coordinated from different groups and locations and from different units. This is in fact often the case for companies who have expanded globally without an organic understanding of the need for their processes to evolve We'll turn now to the process for implementing Read More

Delivering Operational Excellence with Innovation: Enterprise Services Architecture for Enterprise Resource Planning

Changing business practices, especially those that consolidate business and IT functions, requires careful research and decision making. For companies needing to move beyond traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, enterprise service applications (ESA) can help reduce the complexity of having disparate IT systems. Find out about the benefits of ESA and how it can help you achieve operational excellence.

define dynamically continuous innovation  standard means to communicate well-defined information with an array of other applications. Enterprise services architecture, as defined by SAP, is a business- driven approach to SOA that expands the concept of Web services into an architecture that supports enterprise-wide, service- enabled business architecture. However, SOA and ESA are not one and the same. The difference between an SOA and an ESA comes from service enabling the most common business processes, such as procure to pay, order to cash, Read More

Let Innovation, Not Technology, Drive Your Product Business

Compliance with regional and international standards, such as the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) or Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives, has made it more complicated for companies to deliver innovative products to customers. Learn how focusing on product innovation, data integration, and process optimization can help your company satisfy customer needs while meeting compliance standards.

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Taking Innovation from a Buzzword to a Business Standard

Companies realize that innovation can mean the difference between effectively growing or transforming their business and falling behind. But for a company to thrive in today’s environment, innovation has to be seen as more than a clichéd talking point. It has to be a key part of the company’s core business processes. Download this interview with Eric Verniaut, SAP’s head of North America services, to find out how innovation has helped services delivery models to evolve.

define dynamically continuous innovation  SAP HANA,Eric Verniaut,service delivery model,SAP Services organization,business innovation Read More