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EAI - The 'Crazy Glue' of Business Applications
When companies create or change trading relationships or when they swap out business application systems, information systems professionals are required to

define eai  built using the technology. Define an implementation timeline linked to business system deployments. Create a selection team with clear roles and responsibilities. Build the Business Case Identify the potential time and cost savings of the future model. Include anticipated maintenance and product application extensions. Design a Future System Create a concise picture of how the information technology staff and business leaders will employ the technology and how it will perform after it has been Read More
Business Process Management (BPM)
Business process management (BPM) defines, enables, and manages the exchange of enterprise information through the semantics of a business process view, which involves employees, customers, part...
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Documents related to » define eai

Evolutionary Technologies Does EAI (Always Did, We Just Didn’t Call It That)
Evolutionary Technologies (ETI) has announced the newest release of their flagship product, ETI•EXTRACT Tool Suite Release 4.2. ETI·Extract has long been well

define eai  create basic rules to define how parts will be mapped between source and target databases within a conversion. ETIEXTRACT's MetaStore then stores these rules so that the conversion specialists can have the product automatically create a large number of mappings, thus eliminating the need for the user to manually specify each mapping. In a conversion with thousands of parts, this feature can significantly reduce the amount of work required to specify mappings. Users can also reuse rules defining data Read More
Total Cost of Ownership Secrets for Enterprise Applications
Any enterprise suite will pay for itself faster if you work diligently to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Those who interact with companies on

define eai  Enterprise Application | ERP Define Enterprise Application | ERP Design Enterprise Applications | ERP Integrated Enterprise Application | ERP Manage Enterprise Application Definitions | ERP Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms | ERP Mobile Enterprise Applications | ERP Net Enterprise Application | ERP Open Source Enterprise Applications | ERP Rich Enterprise Application | ERP Sample Enterprise Application | ERP Small Business Enterprise Application | ERP Web Based Enterprise Applications | ERP Read More
Enterprise Application Integration - the Latest Trend in Getting Value from Data
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is one of the hot-button issues in IT for the Year 2000. Information Week Research's survey of 300 technology managers

define eai  end-user needs and helping define integration specifications based on existing standardized middleware frameworks, including the OMG's CORBA technology. The OMG's first technical workshop on EAI will be held in February 2000. Look for packaged EAI applications to become more prevalent in the next two years (90% probability). Custom consulting, however, will still be required to wire the middleware together (100% probability.) Vendors in this market space include: Active Software: ActiveWorks Read More
Mid-market Getting the Taste of Some Emerging Technologies
Fledgling smart enterprise suite, business activity monitoring, and business process management technologies hold significant potential for end user

define eai  application, since users can define both the event and the outcome (action), whereas prescribed actions that are not taken within defined guidelines will be escalated so that crucial tasks are neither left undone nor unattended (due to the well-known phenomenon of e-mails ending up in a cyber haven, for example). The above prevents events and tasks from falling through the cracks. In other words, while most traditional ERP solutions are task-driven, the new BPM/BAM-enabled products are process-driven, Read More
Developing an Effective CMMS Implementation Plan
Today’s maintenance staff is tasked with doing more with less. The challenge here is that their efficiency ratings when measured can be as low as 10% to 40%. So

define eai  Contract Implementation Plan , Define Implementation Plan , Detailed Implementation Plan , Diversity Implementation Plan , Engineering Implementation Plan , Evaluation Implementation Plan . Introduction Todays maintenance staff is tasked with doing more with less. The challenge here is that their efficiency ratings when measured can be as low as 10% to 40%. So where does your maintenance department stand in terms of these statistics? Although CMMS software has been around for more than 20 years, and the Read More
Web 2.0: “Code Free” Siebel Web Service Integration
One of the most challenging areas in any Siebel implementation has traditionally been setting up and maintaining interfaces between Siebel and other back-end

define eai  and Business Services which define the methods and process-oriented components of the WSDL. These can be pre-built (out-of-the-box) or custom. Of course, the custom Business Services would need to be coded, but often out-of-the-box business services will meet the business requirements. Using an Outbound Web Service A good way of becoming familiar with web services is by working with an existing WSDL. This can be an internal application or an external company’s service. By importing the WSDL into Tools Read More
Mercator Continues to Suffer Turmoil - Can They Stay on the Map?
What’s new at EAI vendor Mercator Software? TEC updates a report from August 2000. Mercator Software has found themselves on a long and rocky road, where the

define eai  Continues to Suffer Turmoil - Can They Stay on the Map? Mercator Continues to Suffer Turmoil - Can They Stay on the Map? M. Reed - January 9, 2001 Event Summary In August 2000, TEC examined the fate of Mercator Software (NASDAQ: MCTR). See EAI Vendor Mercator Drops to a Lower Place on the Map for complete details). The vendor missed their second quarter earnings estimate by 4 cents a share (predictions were 8 cents a share), and dropped 54 percent in value. Estimates showed the stock at $24.75. Read More
EAI Vendor MITEM Integrates Legacy Systems With Siebel
MITEM Corporation has announced that its legacy application integration software MitemView 5.3 has been validated by Siebel Systems for its Siebel eBusiness

define eai  Vendor MITEM Integrates Legacy Systems With Siebel EAI Vendor MITEM Integrates Legacy Systems With Siebel M. Reed - June 4, 2001 Event Summary MITEM Corporation , a company that describes itself as a provider of legacy integration software for conducting real-time e-Business , today announced that the integration between its Mitem View 5.3 and Siebel e Business Applications has been successfully validated by Siebel Systems . Siebel Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEBL) is the world's leading provider of Read More
Saltare.com Prepares LEAP Into B2B Fray
Saltare.com offers a sound value proposition for companies who want to manage important events in their supply chains in real-time.

define eai  com Prepares LEAP Into B2B Fray Saltare.com Prepares LEAP Into B2B Fray S. McVey - June 2, 2000 Event Summary Among the attendees at Net Market Maker's Ground Zero conference in Boston this May was a small software company whose product for extended supply chain coordination has huge potential. Saltare.com will soon unveil LEAP!, a Java-based, Internet application that works intimately with third party enterprise software and legacy systems to help company's get the most of their IT investments. Read More
CMMS Templates for Effective Implementations Part Three: 7 Steps to Rapid More Successful Implementations
With the advances today in technology it has become obvious that there is a need for maintenance management theory and practice to catch up with the advances

define eai  CMMS and ERP. 1. Define the ROI attainable, and therefore the budget CMMS provides benefits in a variety of areas. These include availability, increase in planning and scheduling efficiencies, increased use of standardized information, advanced inventory management and a greater volume of information available for reliability and efficiency analysis of the delivery of the maintenance function. It does need to be added that while maintenance history information has little to no effect on the determination Read More
Next-Generation VoIP Network Architecture
With network operators facing eventual equipment obsolescence in their existing narrowband public switched telephone networks (PSTNs), the Multiservice

define eai  must be addressed to define a large-scale VoIP network capable of supporting full PSTN equivalence? Read More
Optum’s ConnectStream: First the Pieces Now the Glue
Optum bolsters its collaborative product TradeStream with integration help from webMethods.

define eai  ConnectStream: First the Pieces Now the Glue Optum’s ConnectStream: First the Pieces Now the Glue S. McVey - October 30, 2000 Event Summary Supply chain execution software vendor Optum, Inc. recently announced the release of ConnectStream, which is essentially an enterprise application integration (EAI) platform for connecting its TradeStream collaborative planning software to third-party enterprise packages. ConnectStream, developed in conjunction with webMethods, Inc., a leading vendor of B2B Read More
Mercator Software Extends EAI Solutions for Insurance with XML
Mercator Software (which is changing its name from TSI International Software to reflect the name of its flagship product) has announced support within its

define eai  Software Extends EAI Solutions for Insurance with XML Mercator Software Extends EAI Solutions for Insurance with XML M. Reed - April 21st, 2000 Event Summary Mercator Software (NASDAQ: MCTR), the e-business transformation company, announced new capabilities within its Mercator E-Business Integration Broker products that enable dramatic reductions in the time, cost and effort to integrate ACORD XML transactions with existing insurance applications. With new e-business data transformation support Read More

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