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Q2O Systems: Solutions for Quotation Management and Pricing Configuration
Quote-to-order systems include quotation management and pricing configuration solutions. Pricing configuration engines automate pricing and quoting processes

dynamically resize iframe  to determine the price dynamically based on the supplied rule factors. These rule factors are all designed to eliminate stock-keeping unit (SKU) proliferation by bundling intelligent pricing rules. Such systems help capture and automate pricing at the point of sale, and allow users to manage sophisticated pricing logic across the enterprise to accelerate the introduction of new pricing schemes. Advanced pricing can also be enabled to assist in implementing sophisticated pricing strategies beyond base Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » dynamically resize iframe

Developing a Universal Approach to Cleansing Customer and Product Data
Data quality has always been an important issue for companies, and today it’s even more so. But are you up-to-date on current industry problems concerning data

dynamically resize iframe  that can be called dynamically by applications (see Figure 4). This allows business rules for data quality enforcement to be moved outside of applications and applied universally at a business process level, rather than at the individual application level. These services can be called proactively by applications as data is entered into an application system, or reactively by batch data quality management tools after the data has been created. Single-record rule enforcement can be done proactively, whereas Read More
Will Glovia Glow Again Through Its Hub And VARs? Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
While the Fujitsu/Glovia relationship has worked well in Japan, a difficult market for many other ERP vendors to penetrate, it may prove to be quite a different

dynamically resize iframe  collaborative business process, to dynamically configure it, to run it within the bounds of the system, and to dynamically reconfigure it as required (e.g., when the business process changes) sounds compelling and might up the ante for other contesting vendors. The firm's more recent web-based glovia.hub developments, which initially provide for B2B collaborative commerce in terms of selling and procurement, are however aimed at much larger, truly global organizations which have most to gain from the Read More
Quantum Retail: Challenging the
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed typical issues that retailers face in their cutthroat competitive environment and concluded that traditionally available

dynamically resize iframe  and Range Planning module dynamically updates and adjusts performance projections on the fly, based on decisions made by the user . The underlying forecasts impact downstream ordering and subsequent replenishment and allocation processes automatically. In addition, all ranging information, constraints around pack and distribution multiples, and the merchandising strategy are also shared and initiate downstream workflows around planning orders, prioritization, and distribution. Although Q does not execute Read More
About WebFirst
WebFirst enables customers to dynamically access the CustomerFirst database utilizing standard web browsers. Through a secure portal on a corporate web site

dynamically resize iframe  WebFirst enables customers to dynamically access the CustomerFirst database utilizing standard web browsers. Through a secure portal on a corporate web site, customers can perform a variety of functions related to incident reporting, as well as customer and contact information. Read More
LCMS Exposed! Understanding the Differences between Learning Management and Learning Content Management
The Cost of Learning—a Very Brief HistoryTraining (or learning) has always been viewed as a cost center (representing a cost of doing business similar to

dynamically resize iframe  training time – delivers dynamically more personalized content, such as prescriptive learning programs, to provide more relevant and customized training and reduce overall training time delivers learning on demand – organizes content into smaller pieces and enables search and delivery as needed to meet the demand for just-in-time content E-learning—Effective Content Delivery Content Authoring Content authoring tools equip users with a way to integrate a variety of media in order to create Read More
AccountMate Software An International Product No One Knew About Part Two: Applications, Competitive Analysis, and User Recommendations
AccountMate Software has been a player in the middle market for over twenty years. In the past several years it has been acquired by several global companies

dynamically resize iframe  queries allow users to dynamically analyze business facts from different perspectives simultaneously, such as sales by product line, customer, year, and salesperson. BI's unique multidimensional architecture allows ad hoc addition of dimensions by the end user. Powerful Formula Engine: The formula engine allows users to create new calculated fields, using data from any table. Formulas can have long expressions, logical functions, and rankings. Scheduled Data and Formula Refresh: BI extracts data into a da Read More
What's Wrong With Application Software? Business Processes Cross Application Boundaries
The reality of today’s application environment is that no single application meets all of the needs of a business, or frequently even the needs of a single

dynamically resize iframe  is a way to dynamically use the different applications to support a common business process. And it must be done in a way that the combination of the applications provides more value than the individual applications can provide on their own. In short, applications don't need to just work together they need to work better together. Maybe we were trying to solve the wrong problem with large ERP systems. Maybe instead of trying to build the mega application, we should have been focusing on making smaller, hi Read More
Case Study: SDMO Industries
SDMO Industries, a global manufacturer of power generators, sells its broad product line through a variety of sales channels. Communicating accurate product

dynamically resize iframe  reduce operational costs by dynamically generating manufacturing data from orders and eliminating the frequent back and forth communication between the engineers, sales team and customers. In fact, by responding more quickly to requests and improving their professionalism, SDMO Industries expected to increase their sales performance, improve customer satisfaction and enhance the company's image. The Solution After evaluating several alternatives, SDMO Industries selected the Cameleon Commerce Suite to Read More
J.D. Edwards Finds Its Inner-Self Within Its 5th Incarnation
By espousing its namesake 5th generation of products that preserves flexibility and provides much more of its own ‘must have’ collaborative applications (i.e

dynamically resize iframe  Edwards' consultants will supposedly dynamically configure an activity-based implementation work plan based on the customer's unique goals, business processes and desired level of involvement using tools built on a knowledge base of 25 years of experience. J.D. Edwards Education Services , particularly through the company's so called Process Flow Training , also takes a listen first policy to ensure the training plan meets the customer's requirements, then works with the implementation team to Read More
Automation for the New Data Center
Data centers are squeezed by a variety of pressures, such as power consumption, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements, new servers

dynamically resize iframe  to keep up with dynamically changing business requirements. One of the key ways you can address these dilemmas, however, is through server consolidation using virtualization. Read More
Cameleon (Software) Might Change its Colors but Not its (Q2O/CPQ) Purpose - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series talked about my recent reunion with Cameleon Software (formerly Access Commerce) a provider of on-demand and on-premises configure

dynamically resize iframe  selling  dialog, which is dynamically adapted according to customer needs and their current selections, whereby pricing and promotions are calculated and displayed in real-time. Q2O cycles can be reduced by eliminating back-and-forth time-consuming clarifications and validations with product managers during quoting and ordering processes. The recently released  test module by Cameleon – integrated in the product modeling environment – ensures that offerings are consistent before deployment . During Read More
How Airlines Can Stop Getting Murdered by Maintenance Costs
Patchwork maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) systems can cost large airlines millions in duplicated effort, extra inventory, and delays. But with round-the

dynamically resize iframe  maintenance activities visibly  and dynamically across multiple functional units, while at the same time comprehensively tracking the costs of maintenance activities surrounding a specific plane. A project management solution with native advanced planning and scheduling (APS) capabilities can offer a powerful solution for achieving this objective. This type of solution is often used for large, complex manufacturing projects, but it can also bring enormous value to complex maintenance operations, as Read More
Case Study: Invacare
Invacare sells made-to-order (MTO) home medical equipment in 20 European countries. To shorten the product launch cycle, optimize the order process, and

dynamically resize iframe  any human intervention. Cameleon dynamically generates bills of materials and routings for each configured order to populate the ERP system, eliminating errors and accelerating the order to- manufacturing hand-off. Combining engineering data from product development and pricing from the ERP system, the Cameleon e-commerce platform was implemented to enable customer service and after-sales service departments to: Easily identify the correct spare part from cutaway views of products in the electronic Read More
The Power of Knowledge -- Knowledge is Power (Part 2)
Part 1 of this blog series introduced the need for knowledge management (KM) software applications as part of a more comprehensive and strategic service

dynamically resize iframe  the interactive diagnostics are dynamically automated from the domain model itself. 3. Distributing Knowledge -- The cornerstone of the SKM offering and the means to realize the full potential of interactive diagnostics is called Servigistics Knowledge Advisor . The solution functions much like emulating the most experienced technical support agent’s thought process in dealing with customer problems. The Advisor interacts with the user in a natural language and flexible manner, similar to that of Read More

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