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Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. (MISys) has been developing integrated manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software since 1983, and is located in

equation misys  Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc. (MISys) has been developing integrated manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software since 1983, and is located in Woodstock, Vermont (US). The MISys Manufacturing System is targeted towards small- to medium-sized manufacturers. There have been over 7,800 installations of the MISys Manufacturing System in over 43 countries. Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » equation misys

More than 6,000 MISys Manufacturing Systems (MISys) have been sold in over 40 countries. This scalable manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system is

equation misys  More than 6,000 MISys Manufacturing Systems (MISys) have been sold in over 40 countries. This scalable manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system is designed for small to mid-sized manufacturing companies. MISys handles the needs of make-to-order (MTO), make-to-stock (MTS), repetitive, mixed-mode, discrete, and job shop environments. Functionality includes inventory management, bill of material (BOM) revision control, integrated purchasing, MRP, master production scheduling (MPS), bar coding, Read More
Global Product Development Seen as a Boon for Product Lifecycle Management Vendors
An enterprise that wants to shift to a global product development strategy must invest in modern product lifecycle management (PLM) technology. Therefore, the

equation misys  moving pieces of the equation offshore. Concerns Abound There typically is no shortage of concerns over a decision to offshore a part or all of a product development process. Even setting political concerns aside, there are considerable business, technical, and organizational concerns. Merely coming to what and where decisions is a stressful and lengthy experience that could give any product development or corporate executive grey hair. This is because in most cases, there is no going back without Read More
Human Capital Financials: Understanding the Value of the Human Assets within Your Organization
Many companies are still not fully realizing the ROI on their human capital. While people are often spoken of as assets, they are generally treated as costs

equation misys  asset? The basic accounting equation is where assets equal the sum of liabilities (costs) plus capital. Viewed with a human perspective (figure 1), we can begin to see how the term “asset” can be used to describe our employees. Figure 1 While the value of human assets (which are often considered to be intangible) and material assets such as property, equipment, etc. (which are considered tangible) are calculated differently, the bottom line results are the same—they both add value to the organizatio Read More
Does Supply Chain Management Software Make Sense in Wholesale Distribution?
This paper examines the steel service center segment of the wholesale distribution industry as a case in point of the challenges facing distributors and the

equation misys  statement. The supply chain equation is a zero-sum solution over time. Simply moving costs around will not make the value chain any more profitable or effective over time. Unless the total volume of cost and time in the balloon is reduced instead of merely shifted, it must eventually be passed on to the end customer or absorbed by one of the links in the supply chain. Passing costs on to the end customer or delaying final shipments is often not possible. For example, automobile manufacturers mandate cos Read More
SignalDemand: Dealing with Supply- and Demand-side Pricing Matters - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series described the conundrum that commodity-based manufacturers encounter when it comes to determining the best price, production mix, and

equation misys  side of the pricing equation, and these results are insufficient for manufacturers to make decisions when they need information on capacity and production constraints as well.  SignalDemand's hand-picked team of scientists and mathematicians from prestigious universities have built a pricing science based on eight pending patents. This sophisticated science drives the recommendations provided by the software application. When making decisions on margins, the idea here is to account for all major profit Read More
Why don’t the Potential Benefits of Spend Analysis Come Easily?

equation misys  acquisition side of the equation. Unfortunately, if the data is inaccurate (“garbage in, garbage out”), no one cares what the reporting & analysis tool looks like. In summary, for AI engines and expert systems to work pretty well they need to be combined with additional business-specific rules. In this one-on-one setup, customers must have the ability to impact the rules/processing. In other words, spend data cannot be processed in a vacuum without customer input. There are some indications that Zycus Read More
4 Essential Components for Successful Sales
Most companies are aware that the buying processes of the world and its buyers are changing, but many have yet to recognize the need to make changes within

equation misys  components in the selling equation. The ROI Insider on www.searchcio.com states that more than 80 percent of IT buyers now rely on vendors to help them quantify the value proposition of solutions. In fact, many CIO's now elevate the ability of a vendor to proactively justify their solutions to one of the top five most important selection criteria. Several key concepts discussed below provide insight into using ROI Selling and Value Justification in the selling equation. These concepts also support the Read More
Pricing and Revenue Optimization: A Manufacturing Perspective
Pricing and revenue optimization is the process of improving business margins by either increasing unit prices or increasing gross revenues. This type of

equation misys  make understanding the value equation and the elasticity of products fundamental to effective pricing strategy. (Elasticity is defined as the volume change given a 1% price change.) However, most companies do not have sufficient information about the real demand elasticity of their products and thereby continue to struggle with identifying and isolating segments with differing price elasticity that could allow them to bring intelligence into pricing practices. In terms of solutions available, most pricing Read More
The Next Big Thing or Integration-The Interaction Server Part 2: Possible Solutions
Web Services is a no-brainer as a standard mechanism for providing access to enterprise applications and data; this will allow businesses to create words out of

equation misys  factor in a complex equation; nothing about Web Services addresses the front-end complexity of dealing with multiple channels, such as supporting disconnected devices and asynchronous interaction models that are required by wireless and mobile connectivity. This is Part 2 of a 2-part article on how Software Technology is evolving toward Multi-Channel Interaction Servers. Part 1 discussed the changes in Software Technology that are leading to this. Introducing the Interaction Server Abstraction is the Read More
Hoping Jon & Kate Can Come to Terms Like JDA & i2
Many people are aware of a reality show on television titled “Jon @ Kate Plus 8”, which features a couple that is separated and ready to get divorced

equation misys  innovation back into the equation. In other words, i2 undertook a serious diet regime to become more attractive to potential suitors . All this is great but how does a user of supply chain software benefit from this deal. The following list includes some of the things JDA and i2 customers can look forward to: There were will be a harmonized solution offering for manufacturing  that will  integrate both organizations products A combined JDA and i2 will be able to offer expertise in the supply chain Read More
Mobilizing Change
It's not news that people are resistant to change. Inertia, one of the rules of the universe, applies to people as well as to objects. Many organizations

equation misys  cost side of the equation. This concludes Part One of a two-part article. Part Two will detail the approach to the proposed method. About the Author Bronwyn Evans has worked in the IT industry for over twenty years, working with vendors and in IT management roles. Most recently, she is a principal at Tethys Consulting and has authored the Software Evaluation Methodology, a step by step approach to enterprise software evaluation. Contact Tethys Consulting on +61 2 9416 0423 or via info@tethys.com.au . For Read More
Managing the Aches and Pains of Long Cycle Times: Automating Controls for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
One of the biggest challenges (or business pain points) for pharmaceutical manufacturers (or life sciences companies) is the long cycles that are required for

equation misys  down to the familiar equation that “time = money.” More time needed means more capital spent, and manufacturers watch their bottom lines slip farther and farther away. To begin to formulate a plan to address the issue of long cycle times, it’s important to understand the factors that contribute to this challenge. Long R&D cycles happen for a number of reasons. One is that there has been increasing need to comply with regulations, including the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Title 21 Read More
Bridging the Reality Gap Between Planning and Execution Part One: The Problem
At sites where both planning and execution modules are stand-alone implementations, neither deliver enough benefit because there are almost always manual

equation misys  of the supply chain equation, as are operational functions like procurement, supplier performance, spend management, and contract management. In fact, most traditional supply chain thinking has taken place on the supply side, involving operations planners and factory managers. SCE is, therefore, gaining increased awareness lately among companies that realize that planning can do only so much without the ability to make the correct and timely decisions and execute on the shop floor, in the warehouses or Read More

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