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Why Privately Held Manufacturers Should Implement IFRS-ready ERP Solutions
While regulatory requirements to adopt International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) may be a concern for publically traded companies only, there are plenty of reasons why privately held entities will want to prepare to adopt IFRS as well.

ERP IS OIL: parallel with an existing ERP system because, if it is always going to be handled through some type of add-on or patch, it will never be integrated into your systems or reporting and internal control structure. Examples of additional reporting requirements that result from regulations might be Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Utilities often have other financial reporting requirements, as do companies in other industries. Making the Move Once your company commits to adopting IFRS, don t

Welcome to ERP - Distribution Showdown!Epicor Enterprise vs. JDA Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Suite vs. Pronto Xi
I'm Larry Blitz, editor of Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC) Vendor Showdown series. Welcome to our latest: ERP - Distribution Showdown. You’ll notice this one has a broader focus than Showdowns we’ve done in the past. Again we’ll be comparing three vendor solutions head-to-head, but not just on functionality. This time we’ll also look at the industries these solutions support, how well they cover different portions of the mid-market segment, and how their installed bases break out geographically. Of course, functionality is again a key component of this Showdown, broken down into four main distribution areas and 13 subareas. We hope you find today’s Showdown helpful and informative, and invite your comments and questions at showdown@technologyevaluation.com.

ERP IS OIL: Pronto is an Australian-based ERP vendor, so it s no surprise that 70 percent of its business is in Australia, with most of the balance in the Asian market, and very little in North America. Unlike JDA, Pronto specializes in the mid and lower ends of the market, with 60 percent of its revenues coming from these two segments, and only 10 percent coming from the high end of the market. Pronto offers a full ERP solution with strong back end functionality. Epicor Enterprise Epicor Enterprise falls right down

Blast Past Manufacturing Bottlenecks with Constraint-based Scheduling
Managing constraints in any manufacturing or service environment can be difficult. But with the right tools, accurate data, and a skilled user, a management team can manage the throughput of its constraints to support the goals of its company.

ERP IS OIL: is created within the ERP package, a routing is used to create and plan the operations list. With infinite planning, operations are created and planned considering only the gross capacity available, and with no regard to existing orders. When an ERP package has been configured for CBS, it is routed to a CBS server which calculates start and finish times for the operations with consideration to existing orders and capacity. When the shop order is executed, CBS updates the information regarding operations

Why Is In-transit Visibility (ITV) in the Supply Chain Important?
ITV capabilities allows an organization to meet the challenges of rapidly increasing fuel prices, changes in regulatory requirements, and provides customers with premium services without increasing the total cost of operations. Find out more in this article!

ERP IS OIL: Why Is In-transit Visibility (ITV) in the Supply Chain Important? Why Is In-transit Visibility (ITV) in the Supply Chain Important? Khudsiya Quadri - August 31, 2009 Read Comments Picture this: a customer service representative (CSR) gets a frantic call from a customer asking about parts. In this scenario, the customer is waiting for the supplier to deliver critical parts for a product which is scheduled on the line in a few hours. The customer service department s initial step is to check the order

Touchstone CRM Ltd

ERP IS OIL: Touchstone is a business software and services company, we provide integrated business software and consultancy services to mid-market and enterprise organisations.

Site Web Content Management

ERP IS OIL: Sitecore Web Content Management is a WCM solution that includes features forcontent management,forms,search engine optimization (SEO),mobile Web development,personalization, and more.

Ramco Enterprise Series

ERP IS OIL: Ramco's presence in the enterprise application space involves a number of vertical markets such as service organizations (financial, government, education and health care), asset intensive organizations (aviation, fleet management and utilities) and manufacturing industries (process and discrete).

Contemporary Business Intelligence Tools
Tools under the business intelligence (BI) umbrella combine to convert data into information, and information into decisions for action. Dashboards and scorecards are two such tools. Though often confused, they have functional difference, especially in modern BI suites.

ERP IS OIL: a principal of Process ERP Partners. He has over twenty-five years experience as an executive in the software industry. Thompson has been called the Father of Process ERP. He is a frequent author and an award-winning speaker on topics of gaining value from ERP, SCP, e-commerce, and the impact of technology on industry. He can be reached at Olin@ProcessERP.com Predrag Jakovljevic is a research director with TechnologyEvaluation.com (TEC), with a focus on the enterprise applications market. He has nearly

Impuls 5

ERP IS OIL: The Impuls 5 system is an integrated company management support package, compliant with the MRP II/ERP standard.

Cortekx HGL, Inc

ERP IS OIL: Cortekx is a Microsoft Business Solutions Partner specializing in the sales and full implemenation of Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL.


ERP IS OIL: Discovery™ is a quickly implemented, portable Business Intelligence solution that gives users access to the information necessary for making faster, more intelligent decisions that powerfully impact an organization's performance.

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