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Get on the Grid: Utility Computing
The latest business model in licensing is the utility (on demand) computing and associated pricing. Sometimes called

grid utility computing  on the Grid: Utility Computing Utility Computing Traditional enterprise software product licensing is being replaced with more creative hosted or managed software as service models. The latest business model is utility computing and associated pricing. Sometimes referred to as grid computing, this on-demand model is a trend that has captured the attention of technology heavyweights including IBM , Hewlett Packard ( HP ), Oracle , and Sun Microsystems . Functioning on concepts similar to common Read More
Customer Care and Billing (CC&B)
Customer care and billing (CC&B) solutions typically support providers of utilities, telephony, cable, or other services providing companies. CC&B software includes functionality for mediat...
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Documents related to » grid utility computing

The “Gentler” Giant’s Value Proposition to Overcome the “Little Guys’” Perception
Since its launch less than a year ago, Oracle’s VAD Remarketer Program has been quite successful in recruiting new value-added distributors worldwide. But the

grid utility computing  for grid, as in grid (or utility) computing. With 10g, Oracle introduced the feature that it refers to as Real Application Clusters (RACs). These are a way to join servers running Oracle's database together to work on database queries in parallel (see Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays ). According to Oracle, about half of its database customers have upgraded to 10g, with a fraction using RAC grids. Among 11g features that Oracle hopes will attract more users to its grid computing systems are Read More
Disruptive Innovations? On-demand Pricing Models and Vendors
Vendors must make fundamental changes to sales and support processes to accommodate on-demand, transaction-based pricing. Software vendors must rethink the

grid utility computing  releases. However, utility or grid computing, which is more or less a pay-as-you-go software-as-a-service, generates bite-size chunks of recurring revenue. Comparable revenue from the new model will emerge, but only over a longer period. This and waning technology-related services (and its revenue) can produce unsightly red marks on income statements. Moreover, eventual success is still, by no means, assured. Organizationally, vendors must also make fundamental changes to sales and support processes for Read More
The Impact of IT Service on Business Process Management
There are potential benefits of operating business process management (BPM) side-by-side with business service management (BSM). BPM and BSM are emerging

grid utility computing  Utility computing, together with grid and on-demand computing, offers a way forward for organizations looking for agility and is the subject of intense discussion in the IT industry. These models promote agility and cost reduction through computing models that are very flexible toward ever-changing requirements from the business. For example, a business may initiate a TV ad campaign that drives significant volumes of traffic to a Website, which then requires additional computing resources. Under a Read More
IBM Express-es Its Candid Desire For SMEs
IBM has recently reenergized its incursion into the mid-market gold rush with a new program carrying the 'Express' brand, which targets companies with less than

grid utility computing  infrastructure referred to as grid computing ) using IBM's technology based on open standards such as Java and Web Services. This is Part One of a three-part note. Part Two will cover the Market Impact. Part Three will discuss the Challenges and make User Recommendations. What Medium-Sized Businesses Want Many medium-sized businesses are reportedly looking to improve the efficiency of their core business processes. While many of them think information technology (IT) could help them achieve their Read More
Performance Management Simplified by MSPs
IT infrastructure consisting of networks, servers, databases, and even parts of application systems forms a networked computing system (NCS) whose performance

grid utility computing  performance management systems,performance management system,performance management,employee review software,dashboard software,kpi software,performance review software,managed services provider,talent management system,event management tools,managed service provider,managed service providers,balanced scorecard software,network monitors,performance appraisal software Read More
Accelerating Cloud Performance with WAN Optimization
InAccelerating Cloud Performance with WAN Optimization, you'll learn about the key benefits of cloud computing and why its success or failure can d...

grid utility computing  accelerating cloud performance wan optimization,accelerating,cloud,performance,wan,optimization,cloud performance wan optimization,accelerating performance wan optimization,accelerating cloud wan optimization,accelerating cloud performance optimization,accelerating cloud performance wan. Read More
Cloud Computing Forecast—50% Chance of 483s! 3 Things You Should Do To Weather the Storm
And unfortunately, many casual users do not understand the full impact of their actions in the new computing frontier called the cloud. For those in life

grid utility computing  cloud computing, FDA, validation, qualification, 483, regulation, life science, cloud, compliance Read More
The Evolution of Strong Authentication
Strong authentication technologies have long been used to provide an extra layer of assurance that individuals accessing computing resources are who they say

grid utility computing   Read More
TEC's Industry News Watch: This Week in Enterprise Software News
SOFTWARE SELECTIONS AND GO-LIVESU.S. Army selects HP for enterprise cloud computing servicesCloud computing

grid utility computing   Read More
Smart Grid Library

grid utility computing  Grid Library Read More
Staying Aloft in Tough Times: Why Smart, Innovative Businesses Are Turning to Cloud Computing
Demand for business expansion, profitability, and an enhanced user experience is accelerating the move to cloud computing. Cloud answers the enterprise’s need

grid utility computing  Applications | Cloud Computing Grid | Top Cloud Computing | Cloud Computing Business | Cloud Computing Software | Cloud Computing Data | about Cloud Computing | Cloud Computing Hosting | Enterprise for Cloud Computing | Cloud Computing Leaders | Cloud Computing Model | Cloud Computing System | Private Cloud Computing | Cloud Computing White Paper | Best Cloud Computing | Cloud Computers | Cloud Computing Cost | Cloud Computing Solutions | Cloud Computing Vendors | Virtual Cloud Computing | Environmental Read More
Aligning Technology to Business Strategy: New Tools, Old Rules
Technology innovation continues at an incredible rate. Computing power, end user devices, networking and communication options, and software applications all

grid utility computing   Read More
Sneak Peek: Enterprise Software 2013
The following forces and information technology (IT) trends will continue to shape 2013:1. Cloud ComputingWhile cloud computing is becoming mainstream

grid utility computing   Read More

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