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A Positioning Process Helps Product Marketing Managers Do More
Because product marketing managers constantly juggle competing priorities, companies should consider implementing a formal positioning process as a way of

how much do project managers make  like the recipe for how to talk about your product. Follow the recipe rather than ask product marketing, and your marketers can create a compelling, accurate story about your product. This does not mean that your product marketing managers no longer need to be involved in the planning and creation of marketing materials. They should provide input when appropriate. It's just that the process won't take up nearly as much of their time. That's because marketing gets most of its infusion of product knowledge Read More
PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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Documents related to » how much do project managers make

Project Costing for Maximum Profitability
By implementing timekeeping solutions for costing, organizations obtain valuable insight into project profitability. Project-oriented timekeeping data is also

how much do project managers make  on which projects, and how much time it takes each individual to complete specific tasks. A project costing timesheet solution can help decision makers and project managers answer these kinds of questions: Is the project currently on time and on budget? Are actual project costs in line with projected costs? How much is being spent at each phase of the project? What percentage of total time is being spent on each phase of the project? Have enough resources been allocated to complete the project? How much Read More
Creating a Business from a Project
Many software services companies are not able to turn their individual project successes into a line of business that brings in additional revenue streams. At

how much do project managers make  is not bothered by how hard you worked to prepare the proposal, or under what constraints. There are no silver medals for coming second. Differentiability : Your company should be able to demonstrate differentiation in your chosen portfolio of offerings. The LOB head should look beyond the features and characteristics of the product or service in order to develop differentiators. For a more detailed treatment of this subject, please see the author's web site http://www.stradof.com/ , which outlines the Read More
Keys to Implementing Project Portfolio Management
Project portfolio management (PPM) is a tool-supported process for optimally managing an organization’s “portfolio” of projects. And although PPM can provide

how much do project managers make  portfolios, and, if not, how much value are we loosing because of this misallocation? I recommend developing your value-measurement framework early on. Your processes for implementing PPM must include procedures that specify how you will apply your valuemeasurement framework. Also, developing the framework before you begin looking at PPM tools will ensure that you will know what is required in a tool to accommodate your framework. 6. Institute Effective Processes The value measurement framework defines Read More
How a Jerk at Work Can Put the Kibosh on Your ERP Software Selection Project
The old software selection “how-to” horse may not have been beaten to death yet, but it’s certainly received a few good whacks. As you already know

how much do project managers make  Sutton , in “ How to Deal with Jerks in the Workplace ” (also a professor at Stanford University and the author of The No A**hole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One that Isn’t ) offers two benchmarks for defining a workplace jerk: The first standard is whether someone consistently leaves people feeling demeaned and belittled and de-energized. The second standard is whether that person targets people who have less power than they do. But there’s also an emotional Read More
Supply Chain Decisions - Make Sure You Understand the Dollars and Sense
Companies make decisions about their supply chains every day. But do they really understand the impact of their decisions on the P&L, Balance Sheet, and key

how much do project managers make  and their execution. So how does a company ensure that decisions are being made in the best possible way? Do they have the necessary information and tools to efficiently find all of the available options and analyze them effectively? This is Part One of a two-part report. Part Two discusses incorporating real costs into supply chain decisions. There Has To Be A Better Way To understand the challenges in making supply chain decisions, let's take the case of a Fortune 500 business that manufactures and Read More
How to Start and Finish a No-fail Project, Part 1: Fighting Internal Resistance
According to a major IT research firm, less than 20 percent of IT projects are completed on time and on budget. Project management (PM) experts agree that

how much do project managers make  of project failure, and how to encourage your team members to embrace change and communicate better. Read More
How Multinationals Implement Business Applications in Their Subsidiaries
Multinationals achieve global presence through networks of subsidiaries. However, managing these subsidiaries poses a significant challenge for the corporate

how much do project managers make  corporation. In this context, how multinationals decide to implement business applications in their subsidiaries is nothing short of critical. Read More
How Analytics Bring Organizations Closer to Their Customers
Social media is providing organizations with a plethora of data about their customers. This paper explains how to leverage business intelligence software and

how much do project managers make  customers. This paper explains how to leverage business intelligence software and advanced analytics to change the way business is conducted. The end goal should be to personalize marketing messages in a way that allows organizations to narrowly target specific customers based on the knowledge of the customer they already have. Read More
Lean Manufacturing Training: A Project Approach
Manufacturers who are seeking government funding for the introduction of lean manufacturing principles in their daily work environment encounter specific

how much do project managers make  lean manufacturing, lean principles, automotive production, lean manufacturing training Read More
Project Workforce Management
Tenrox's Project Workforce Management solution, available on demand or on premise, is a modular solution for managing project workforces in real time. Tenrox

how much do project managers make  sap workflow engine,bpm workflow,workflow coalition,wfmc workflow,workflow management,business process management workflow,business process workflow,workflow process management,workflow management system,workflow applications,task workflow Read More
Tenrox Project Workforce Management for PPM for PSA Certification Report
Tenrox Project Workforce Management is TEC Certified for online evaluation of project portfolio management for professional services automation (PPM for PSA

how much do project managers make  project portfolio management,professional services automation,professional services automation software,project portfolio management tool,project portfolio management process,it project portfolio management,project portfolio management best practices,project portfolio management software,project portfolio management tools,what is project portfolio management,portfolio project management software,project management portfolio,project and portfolio management,free project portfolio management software,ppm project portfolio management Read More

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