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Network Appliance to Ship Sub-$10K Caching Hardware
Network Appliance, the current Web caching market leader, announced its first under-$10,000 caching appliance.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: Network Appliance to Ship Sub-$10K Caching Hardware Network Appliance to Ship Sub-$10K Caching Hardware R. Krause - June 6, 2000 Read Comments R. Krause - June 6, 2000 Event Summary May 01, 2000 [Network Appliance et al.] Network Appliance announced it will start shipping its first Internet caching device priced below $10,000. The company expects to start shipping them later this month. Network Appliance s new system, the rack-mountable NetCache C1100, is due to ship in the U.S., Europe and Asia by the

New Approaches to Software Pricing
Hearing the complaints of dissatisfied customers, some vendors are developing customer-centric contracts. HarrisData has even gone so far as to draft a Bill of Rights for customers. How well do these pledges measure up?

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: the pricing of its software and services. User companies that invest in 3i Infotech now during its infancy in North America, might reap the rewards for many years to come, provided there is a functional fit. The idea hereby is not to portray HarrisData (or any other vendor for that matter) as the ideal vendor for all situations. Many users are not going to have a good functional or technological fit with the vendor because it supports only the IBM eServer iSeries platform, its presence is primarily in

IBM Express-es Its Candid Desire For SMEsPart Two: Market Impact
SMEs have recently begun to seek integration platforms that address the end-to-end business process management (BPM) rather than the traditional pesky point-to-point interconnectivity solutions. IBM's strategy of selling WebSphere Express through local VARs and of letting smaller enterprises deploy only what they need in an incremental fashion, should go a long way with the current buying patterns.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: by offering complementary IBM software (primarily WebSphere and Lotus Domino ), and 3) regenerate growth in the business. In fact, the cross-sale of Domino will have contributed significantly to quite a modest growth the iSeries has had in the past few years. This is Part Two of a three-part note. Part One summarized the Event. Part Three will discuss the Challenges and make User Recommendations. Undisputed Leader in the High-end of the Market IBM remains the largest computer company involved in

The Store of the Future
The big hit of the National Retail Federation show was the Metro Group's Store of the Future. The budget for this extravaganza - it appears to have been underwritten by some of the biggest technology firms in the world.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: by design or optimization software, but by understanding shopper behavior, observing, and gaining trust between the retailer and the manufacturer and the customer. Thomas observed, though, that of course retail jobs, not being the highest paid positions in the world, have retention problems. So, technology that educates and assists the consumer is a win—for both consumer, sales associates and the enterprise. In the end, great ideas and success will come from dedicated and creative thinkers who push

Streamlining Training Services with E-learning to Help More Australian Job Seekers Find Work
To help job seekers become job-ready sooner, increase flexibility for job seekers in rural areas, replace instructor-led training with e-learning, and streamline operations and keep upfront costs minimal, Jobfind Centres Australia, member of Job Services Australia, turned to SumTotal® Learning Management. The product delivered Web-based e-learning programs, achieving better outcomes for job seekers and other benefits.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: software,   e learning software reviews,   distance learning software,   free e learning software,   online learning software,   e learning software review,   best math learning software,   learning software for adults,   virtual classroom tools,   interactive learning software,   best e learning software,   vocabulary learning software,   virtual classroom design,   virtual classroom training Source: SumTotal Systems Learn more about SumTotal Systems Readers who downloaded this case study
5/31/2011 12:34:00 PM

The Next Big Thing or Integration-The Interaction ServerPart 2: Possible Solutions
Web Services is a no-brainer as a standard mechanism for providing access to enterprise applications and data; this will allow businesses to create words out of alphabet soup (ERP, SFA, CRM, EAI, EJB, COM, BFD). Nothing about Web Services, however, addresses the front-end complexity of dealing with multiple channels, such as supporting disconnected devices and asynchronous interaction models that are required by wireless and mobile connectivity.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: accepted, logical separations in software architecture between data, business logic, and presentation. The Interaction Server hosts a run-time container to manage interactions between multiple connected and disconnected devices and channels (e.g. HTML browsers, mobile phones, PDA s, Voice, Web Services) and the systems that support the enterprise. Such interactions can be simple requests for information, or complex, multi-step business processes that touch many back office systems and have transactional

Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA ForaysPart Three: Strategy Shifts
Oracle has long moved in the direction of blurring the line between applications and infrastructure. It has leveraged the system of record elements in application suites by applying infrastructure technologies to correlate real-time events for improved decision-making.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: 3Cube s on-line collaboration software became part of the Oracle iMeeting product. Further, in 2002, former Stetlor s Corporate Time product became Oracle Calendar , a part of the Oracle Collaboration Suite. NetForce and SiteWorks Solutions acquisitions in 2002 and 2004 respectively were used to expand the scope of Oracle E-Business Suite within the life sciences industry. The vendor has also garnered its PLM and CRM capabilities through several acquisitions, such as a guided selling configurator from

Case Study: Nike (Webinar Transcript)
This white paper is a transcript of a webinar hosted by SAP Insider and presented by IBM Cognos Software. In it, you’ll Discover how Nike—a leading global manufacturer and marketer of athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment—leverages SAP with IBM Cognos solutions to improve its planning and financial performance management process, driving additional business value.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: Quality Management Single ERP Software versus Multiple Software Systems
6/23/2010 11:03:00 AM

Moving Beyond Lean Manufacturing to a Lean Supply Chain
Most lean manufacturing deployments target production operations, but can also be extended to other supply chain processes. To realize the multiplicative benefits of real time information and reduced inventory, companies must assess their production environment and supply chain activities.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: in the form of software applications, in conjunction with best practices, are evolving but adoption has been slow. Managing the business process change cycle has been a primary challenge. Lean and Supply Chain Efficiencies Extended supply chain efficiencies will emerge as lean mechanisms from manufacturing are deployed. Progressive manufacturing enterprises will be able to build responsive and agile manufacturing operations synchronized with the associated supply chain network structure that profitably

Architecture Evolution: From Web-based to Service-oriented Architecture
Traditional enterprise systems have proven difficult to change and extend. The inherent problem of old core code and business logic duplication is part of the reason traditional enterprise resource planning systems have not readily taken to e-commerce.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: of both worlds (see Software as a Service Is Gaining Ground ). For more background information, see Architecture Evolution: From Mainframe to SOA . Challenges of Extending Enterprise Resource Planning to the Internet Extending back-office applications to the Internet stems from the desire of many user organizations not to reinvent the wheel in their scramble to create e-commerce-ready applications. By extending the existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to that end, organizations not only

CyberPeepers from Korean Sites Peek at U.S. Networks
Numerous United States Internet sites are being bombarded by cyberpeepers from Korea. Whether or not these network scans constitute an attack depends upon whom you ask, and how far into your infrastructure they get.

SOFTWARE USER GROUPS: CyberPeepers from Korean Sites Peek at U.S. Networks CyberPeepers from Korean Sites Peek at U.S. Networks L. Taylor - February 4, 2000 Read Comments Event Summary In the past two weeks, a large number of United States Internet sites have reported an on-slaught of network probes or scans from the Republic of Korea. Security engineers and systems administrators have been spending a lot of time in the last few weeks asking each other, Why are we seeing so many scans from Korea. and, Who is scanning for

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